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Small business funding is essential for business owners seeking to grow their operation, invest in their business, and take control of new revenue streams. However, securing lending from traditional banks can be difficult. Find out why more small business owners are choosing cash flow loans to grow Read More
STOP believing everything you are reading online!!! Thousands, upon thousands, of small business owners are getting burned with free loan offers, and bait and switch contracts being tossed around online. Will you be one of them? Read More
Too many small business owners are focused on cost of capital, rather than return on investment. Here's something to think about... Read More
Want the best rates & terms on a small business loan or merchant cash advance? STOP shopping for them! Read More
Bombarded with small business loan and merchant cash advance solicitations? Have you filled out one small business loan application, yet multiple funding companies began harassing you, calling you relentlessly and enticing you with pre-qualification cash advance offers? Here's why it's happening... Read More
Americans are expected to spend about $9.1 billion on Halloween related purchases this year. That means the holiday could offer a major opportunity for your small business to increase sales — if you’re prepared for it... Read More

7 Detrimental Mistakes You're Making as a Local Small Business Owner

7 Detrimental Mistakes You\'re Making as a Local Small Business Owner - Avatar Posted by charlesmbarr under Sales
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The first few years of owing a local small business is going to be the toughest. You have to establish yourself in your community, establish rapport with other local small business owners and make a name for yourself in your area. Here's a few tips on what to avoid: Read More
Resolving a cash flow crisis requires that business leadership take a renewed, vigorous look at their ongoing cost structure. Here's a small business cash flow tip to promote growth. Read More
Experienced entrepreneurs know navigating cash flow cycles is an art. Businesses go through natural, predictable ebbs and flows. Newer business owners, however, are unlikely to have large cash reserves, and one wrong turn can be detrimental. Here's a tips to get you through. Read More
If you own a local small business, then you need to keep your eyes open for every opportunity that you can find to build your business and make it stronger. It isn't easy to be one of the main street small businesses these days with all of the big box competition. Let's look at five tips to help ou Read More

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