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Here are 15 ways to help you create a more successful newsletter for your small business: Read More
Want to advertise to potential customers in your geographic area who need your product? You may want to consider Facebook Pay Per Click advertising, which contains demographics that could change your business. Read More
Millions of small businesses are turning to PR to promote their business because it has the tendency to be considerably more affordable compared with traditional marketing and advertising. What's more, press releases help attract the attention of reporters who then write stories on companies, providing valuable third-party endorsement for business Read More
Many startups realize the significance good customer service can mean for the success of a small business - or even a large operation. When done right, customer service can grease the wheels of any marketing and loyalty program. That's exactly what Joan Lamonica did when she opened up a retail store recently. She's the fashion designer and owner o Read More
If you watch any kind of TV and pay attention to the ads — the images, the sounds, and the appeal — it's all very youthful — cool, fresh, and relevant. Major brands like the Pepsi's and Starbucks of the world 'get it' and have made it a PR/marketing best practice for many years to tap this market. There is huge importance of tapping into the you Read More

Rising Health Costs Pinch Small Business

Rising Health Costs Pinch Small Business - Avatar Posted by jsternal under Human Resources
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Made Hot by: DebMark on November 12, 2009 3:20 pm
Health insurance costs and proposed legislation for future health insurance options are a continuing source of frustration and pain for millions of small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their operations. As health costs rise for small business they may be faced with the unwanted task of laying off even more people to avoid the co Read More
PR agencies, large companies and small businesses all have the need to announce news through a press release, still a great way to gain media exposure and PR. Once those releases have been written, it's often a wise idea to distribute the press release over a newswire (which makes your news available to thousands of newsrooms and reporters all ove Read More
Ideas to promote your small business particularly a new business including using social media like Facebook, blogs, YouTube etc. and working to get press coverage of your venture. Read More

What To Keep In Mind When Rebranding Your Business

What To Keep In Mind When Rebranding Your Business - Avatar Posted by jsternal under Marketing
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When is it a good idea for you to change the brand identity and public image of your company? Perhaps you've had troubles with customer service? Quite possibly you may simply think your customers are bored and you're ready to spice things up and get noticed. Or maybe there was a deeper scandal that scarred your company and you want to put all that Read More
Here is a complete checklist to help you develop all the elements of a good story for the news media. Many small businesses are still confused about how to develop a really good story. Use the following point system to figure out just how strong your story is. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!