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I have a confession to make to you. My dear blog. I’ve been cheating on you. Yes, I’ve now written several guest posts on other blogs. I’ve even had writing relationships with Copyblogger, Problogger, Firepole Marketing,, Basic Blog Tips, Social Buzz Club and some others we can ta Read More
SEO Related domain names (Exact match domain names) with .com domain still available to register. I was digging into Paul Clifford's Domain match tool (closed for public now) to find some exact match domains (EMD) that are related to the root keyword SEO training Read More
The actions you take in the first 90 days after you have purchased a business are crucial for its long-term success. This article shows what actions you can take with employees, customers and suppliers. Read More
It's starting to look like I'm putting the Facebook formula together. I made a bet with my brother that I could create a Facebook fan page that could make... Read More
The traditional mode of starting a company is to plan a serial process, where you complete only once all the steps, leading to the “big bang” launch of the company. I strongly recommend a dramatic departure from this model, called “planned iteration,” where you assume you won’t get it right the fir Read More
Going online, the next step is to make sure your business website is set up and optimized for conversion. The first step is to do some testing. Read More
Think you're finally ready to become your own boss and start a business? Proceed with caution if any of these signs look familiar. Read More
Pinterest Pictures for Your Business: Images that Intrigue the Viewer More than 12 million people currently use Pinterest and this graphics based platform continues to Read More
A very old, traditional brewery decided to install a new canning line.  This would enable its beer products to be marketed through the supermarket sector. Local dignitaries and past employees were invited to witness the first running of the new canning line, which was followed by a buffet and drink Read More
Wisdom is often associated with old age.  This presupposes wisdom is directly linked to life experience, which means you will only be able to lead wisely when you are old.  This is not entirely true.  Although life experience does play a role in gaining wisdom, is also something you can develop and Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!