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Imagine a world where the energy, passion and skills of volunteers aligned perfectly with the needs and capacity of nonprofits. Where expectations were calibrated and trust was built over time. Read More
So you want to offer a military discount? Good for you! A military discount is not only a great way to show your support for our troops, it’s also a smart way to grow your business and reach new customers. We’ve got some more effective tips to help you spread the word about your awesome new discoun Read More
One of the areas of so-called big data that is heating up this year is sales analytics. According to Ventana Research, more than 60 percent of the organizations it polled plan to invest in the technology this year. But the predictability that companies want in forecasts may never come. Read More
It’s a common refrain these days, voiced by “experts” and busy entrepreneurs: business plans and business planning are pointless. It’s a seductive argument. The world moves fast, how can you forecast your sales for three years from now when it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen in three weeks Read More
Businesses crave certainty. The more you can know what will happen, the more you can reduce risk and effectively plan to increase profits. While a business degree helps, what most executives would love to have is a soothsayer to foretell the future. Read More
The influence of Latin bloggers, or “blogueras,” in the media is becoming more and more prevalent. Latinas are creating a name for themselves in the realm of social media, and their influence doesn’t stop there. Read More
A short examination and overview of microsoft's new social media platform, and how it affects users. Read More
You don't need to have a fancy browser toolbar to get valuable SEO information about a website. This article shows you all the information you can get from various browser bookmarklets and practical steps to take with that information. Read More
The PR Verdict: “C” (Distinctly OK) for PETA and its promo porn. While it may grab the headlines on day one, it raises potential problems that go beyond splash coverage. Read More
Are you struggling with how to get new customers for your small business? Are you desperately seeking leads or trying new marketing methods to attract new clients? A simpler way to boost sales and profits might be right under your nose: Try upselling or cross-selling existing clients.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!