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Are Students Two-Legged Livestock for Venture Capitalists to Cultivate?

Venture Capitalist and movie pirate Fred Wilson Wants to Know if Universities are becoming the new VCs. The Answer is Yes, and Fred's got Influency NAILED. Read More
Perception. Reality. Influency Marketing. They all effect pricing. What's wrong with Market pricing when you're trying to gain a toe-hold controlling Influency? Read More
Social Networks? The most UNsocial thing around. Path wants to create Influency by connecting you to fewer people. Smart, but It's too late for this Influency. Read More
We've added a new 'can you trust Google?' issue to the Influency formula. And Increasingly it looks like you can trust Google only as much as it trusts itself. Read More
{grow}th through Guest Blogging? Not Gonna Happen

Guest Blogging has been around for years, and until Google made it too hard to be useful was a great way to do marketing and SEO. Mark Schaefer just broke it. Read More
Why Oyster's All-You-Can-Read Book Model Won't Work

Influency is about keeping people engaged, so all-you-can-eat a la Netflix is a great business model. Oyster thinks it will for for e-books. It likely won't. Read More
Jeff Bezos keeps making all the right moves. With Kindle Matchbook, Amazon gets closer to World Domination and a new kind of Influency, and makes business change. Read More
Mozzerella Cheese, Scanners, and Siri. Oh My!:

This week Siri pointed someone looking for the phone number of Succasunna NJ Shoprite toward a story about scanners and Influency. Can you say 'long tail'? Read More
How do you destroy a business through the wrong business change? By not knowing where your Influency comes from. The 2DS is the end of the Nintendo DS line. Read More
You found one? Grab a Google Chromecast, quick. But understand the 'cast' part isn't good enough, and that Google is making that worse as a matter of control. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!