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Have you been trying to fit a mold for much of your life? Or do you know who you are? Who you are helps you succeed in what you do. Read More
I sat down to write a baseball blog today. I was listening to the Mariners’ game and enjoying the comfort I get from baseball as backdrop. It’s also opening day for Japan’s baseball season. The game was played in QVC Marine Stadium in Chiba, Japan because the stadium in Sendai was too damaged by th Read More
Life is transient. Breathing in and breathing out again, releasing in gratitude. Only love is eternal.

Feeling the Oneness. Read More
The whirlwind started early Monday Morning when I attended a breakfast and kickoff event for imagine! career week. It was thrilling to be invited. Why was this so exciting? The Keynote speaker was our Governor, The Honorable Tom Corbett, AND the opening and closing remarks were being given by a Read More
"Moving to Maui" is Maridel Bowes' quirky, insightful account of what's it's like to pack up your life as a Baby Boomer Woman and move from the Mainland to Island Life! Read More
Meet my weekly Facebook fan. Every Friday I feature a new fan based on participation on my page. Come and play - next week it could be you! Read More
Turning a room into an office takes a vision first. Start with desire and inspiration. No matter your budget, the size of our dreams determine the outlook Read More
Networking for Business: Tip from Magnolia Jazz Band, entertaining at weddings & parties in San Francisco Bay Area & San Jose. Early Bird Discount. Read More
What I’m talking about is me. WHO I AM. Do you know who you are? Several times now I’ve played Ann Evanston’s WHO AM I game. She asks you to take a few minutes and write down a list of words of who you are. Then she sets a timer and waits. Well the first time I completed this game was at the BLP co Read More
entrepreneur for over 15 years. I learned what it means to be an entrepreneur from my mom. She started a wordprocessing business back in the day when Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!