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There is a major difference between coming up with profitable ideas for a business, creating a business plan, putting everything in motion and making it all work. In this article we are looking at the skills you will need to develop to survive working on your own. Read More
When you have a business or blog hosted online, you need steady and huge amount of traffic to the site. It should also be user friendly to drive the traffic. Attracting organic traffic from search engines can be the effective and cheapest way. Read More
As a branding expert, companies often comes with a question, what can I do to increase my firm’s name recognition? Of course, increasing name recognition is only one aspect of the branding puzzle, but an important one—It is particularly perplexing to a company well known in a certain market, perha Read More
A schema.org video markup is an additional HTML markup (data indicator) which will be embedded or published on a video on your page. This on-page standard schema markup (VideoObject) for video pages will help search engines better crawl, analyze and index video content (to evaluate what the video c Read More
Know your mistakes and learn from it. This saying is very applicable to telemarketing. Knowing mistakes will allow telemarketers to avoid them to make their campaign successful. Read More
Learn how to market your eBook like a pro and drive more traffic through backlinks and anchor texts. Take a peak, you'll be glad that you did :) Read More
Was Sacha Baron Cohen at the Academy Awards funny? As a comedic exercise it was at best lukewarm, but as a PR exercise it hit the mark. Read More
Testimonials are incredibly powerful and usually consist of written words from people who have done business with you and are sometimes accompanied by a photo.

Taking this concept one step further, and making video testimonials, is even more compelling. You get to see a real person and hear the Read More
Are you looking for ways to turn your invention ideas into reality but not sure how? If so, I recommend you to head over to Quirky. Read More
How do you impress the media today? Well, one thing is be sure that you better don’t waste their time. Virtually, every media outlet from television, radio, magazines, even blogs are operating with fewer staff. They still have the same deadlines and massive work to do, but without as much help. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!