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Retailers can reap the revenue benefits of omni-channel shopping, but only if they know how to attract and connect with these highly desirable consumers. Doing so requires a deep knowledge of how these shoppers behave. It also requires structuring the company to be able to act on these insights. Mu Read More
The massive changes to Google’s Algorithm over the past five years, have completely changed the SEO game and many have gotten out and moved to content marketing tactics. Backlinks still have tremendous SEO value, perhaps not quite as much as before, but are still an important part of building up an Read More
Whether you are new to the small business world, or have been in the industry for a while, it is never too late to brush up on ways to promote your business. You will find 5 easy steps to promote your business, with an infographic providing you with up-to-date statistics and tips on ways to stay ah Read More
Multi-channel marketing is vital for your company and for your customers. You always want to give your customers the best experience possible and that should be through all types of media that your company uses. Experiences are key to the success or failure of your business. Giving a great experien Read More
Online shopping can be quick and easy, and relatively inexpensive depending on what you plan on buying. I say quick and easy, but for a majority of us online shoppers it usually isn't that quick because of all the digital distractions put in front of us. Our subconscious mind sways us away from our Read More
Every year I write trends and predictions that I think will take place in the coming year regarding the future of the Internet and Internet based technologies. Here we look back at last years web predictions and trends to see what was correct and what was not such as the future of WordPress, Magent Read More

Is It Time To Move To .Co And Other Domain Extensions?

Is It Time To Move To .Co And Other Domain Extensions? - Avatar Posted by trellis under Online Marketing
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Why the .Co Domain era is becoming more and more relevant to the Internet, how these domain alternatives are on the rise, and of course the Pro's and Con's. The .Com era is great and all but click here and see why companies are shying away from those and leaning toward the .Co and other domain alte Read More
Figuring out the right content management system or platform to build your website with is not easy. Looking at the most used CMS platforms might help you make the right decision. Why do you want a platform with a large and growing user base? Well for one, a large community means there is a large c Read More
The fact of the matter is that small businesses are getting crushed on many fronts across the United States and the major fortune 1000 companies are dominating the economy. Technology is massively disrupting almost every industry. Banks need mobile apps, taxis need mobile apps, retailers need eCom Read More
SEO is far too complex and multidisciplinary to pay one single SEO agency or entity a monthly SEO service and get the ROI you should be getting. Additionally many of the most important things that you need to do for SEO are very specific skills that should either be done internally or contracted to Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!