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When you have a bunch of billionaires (with a B) deleting their Facebook pages like they're flicking the off switch, people tend to wonder, "should I do the same?" What people see, they tend to want to imitate. Before you flip your own switch, stop, and ask yourself some serious questions first. Read More
I've hosted an online community since 2004. For 13 years it was a private forum right here on my site. For the last 14 months, it's been the Business is Better Together Facebook Group. I've also hosted live events for the last five years. Read More
With more than 2.2 billion active members, Facebook remains one of the most widely used social media platforms out there. As an entrepreneur, this site provides value beyond a social media marketing channel for your business — you can (and should) join one of the thousands of public groups geared t Read More

Call for Help and Call to Action [podcast]

Call for Help and Call to Action [podcast] - Avatar Posted by lyceum under Social Media
From 1299 days ago
Made Hot by: Copysugar on April 10, 2018 2:35 pm
The future of podcasting is here and now! Time flies... It is now about six months since I published an episode. It is six months until the book fair in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am celebrating my name-day, with informing you about my upcoming birthday. This solo episode is a call for help, as I am ent Read More

7 Simple Interactive Content Ideas You Can Steal

7 Simple Interactive Content Ideas You Can Steal  - Avatar Posted by Dharilo under Social Media
From 1300 days ago
Made Hot by: AmyJordan on April 7, 2018 12:44 pm
A good way to drive engagement and shake up your usual posts is using interactive content. Interactive content gets your audience more involved, increasing click throughs and providing more opportunities to educate and delight your network. Interactive content includes any content a user can click Read More
Should you join your local chamber of commerce? You've probably heard for years that they're a local business's champion. But are the benefits worth the cost? Let's take a look! Read More
Are you thinking about running webinars?

If you are finding proven ways to reach more people to educate about your products or services, doing webinars is a great choice. Read More
Only you will know how much blood, sweat and tears you have put into starting your business. Small businesses looking to take the next step, though, may not have the time or knowledge to market themselves effectively online. Here's how a specialist agency can help you grow.
Read More
Is the e-commerce pricing strategy the key business topic to focus on all marketing, advertising and profitability plans? The answer is yes and no. But for sake of simplicity, we will examine first the option of yes. What is really an effective e-commerce pricing strategy? A brief but vital mention Read More
Amazon PPC advertising is the key to achieving product exposure. By bidding on keywords, you have control over whether you’ll rank high in product searches.

PPC is an added cost to your budget, but mindfully creating and managing your campaigns with this guide will keep your advertising cost-ef Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!