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Save n'Keep, a website that allows users to bookmark and share their favorite sites on the Web, has launched a new bookmark detail page. This page takes social bookmarking beyond the simple save and share concept to also include historical and real-time data on website traffic. Using a graphical ti Read More
CSS gives sense to website by giving a nice web design to web site. Designers give feel and look to a web site by making external file(s) which is called CSS file. Read More
This Facebook SEO Tips article was published by Mequoda.com and it's one really sneaky little SEO trick that's going to give you a big boost on Facebook and Google.
Read More
SEOmoz has recently released once again its new version of the Search Ranking Factors survey for 2011. Released every two years since 2005, the content of the Search Ranking Factors survey has been used and referenced by many search engine optimisation experts and SEO companies alike in the SEO wor Read More
You can have one website that you optimize really well that appears as one of the ten listings in the search results. OR you can have a website, a press release, Google Local profile, a Slideshow, and a Hubpage, and exist on FIVE of the ten positions. Which would you prefer? Read More
Recently, I read an article about the Thiel Fellowship. In some circles, this fellowship is referred to as the un-scholorship as it offers $100,000 to kids to drop out of college. Apparently, the premise is that college is a waste of time that teaches conformity, rather than how to find success i Read More
Very few people find and land new jobs simply by applying to jobs on job boards, or in newspapers. Unless you have a killer resume, which somehow slides through every screening program, you are going to find your next job through contacts, friends, former co-workers or people you meet through those Read More
When it comes to attracting potential customers and gaining valuable online exposure, nothing beats videos. However, speaking in front of a camera requires a certain level of self-assurance that can be challenging for some people.

One possible way around this problem is to create podcasts. Wheth Read More
Thinking about running a direct mail marketing campaign? Your timing could not be better. From July 1 through August 31, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is offering a 3% discount on the postage discount for direct mail that incorporates QR (quick response) codes in or on the mailer. Read More
Every year, US companies invest $4-6 Billion in training (From a person who really knows, Dave Stein, CEO of ESResearch). This includes internally developed training as well as that procured through the training companies. It's a huge amount of money, yet most of that money is wasted, Dave Stein wo Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!