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Social media is here to stay, with its usage spanning across all industries. The languages industry is slowly but surely taking advantage of this vehicle, and ... Read More
Every profession can carry with it some type of stereotype. When it comes to working with attorneys, I have often heard that due to the nature of their work, attorneys are known for forgetting the rules of etiquette. Some examples may include: rude language, no respect of someone else’s time and co Read More
When we go to work everyday, we don certain attire to achieve a certain look as we become representatives of our company. Some companies have actual uniforms: McDonald’s, service departments within car dealerships, the US Post Office, and many, many more. Professional service firms, such as, accoun Read More
I stayed quiet as they talked about Palin and bad bosses and intolerable employment situations in general until the conversation started to die down, then almost without thinking said, “You know… working for someone like that can be great.”

Wow the room got quiet.

Again, I don’t know if Palin Read More
Networking-How to Leverage Your Contacts for Wealth and Power Ask yourself this question:  There are people waiting to help you why aren't you meeting Read More
Maryland Mompreneur WINS “Elevator Pitch Olympics” at 10th Annual FraserNET PowerNetworking Conference in Atlanta, GA

Read More
Our exceptional problems solvers have helped hundreds and even thousands of people meet their personal and business goals and change their lives. Let our experts and professionals guide you on the path to success. Through Exceptional People Magazine, they are ready to offer you free advice to help Read More
In this study they figured that 1 in 100 of their employees would experience some workplace civility in a given year. Using a rather complex formula to assure accuracy, they calculated that even as a very respectful and civil organization, they were still losing about $2 million a year because of i Read More
Everything we do reflect on our company and our products. By acting professionally, we send the message that our business is credible and trustworthy. Personalized care may very well be your edge against the competition. This why Business Etiquette critical to your success. Read More
You deserve that money, and your employer is likely willing to give it to you. But there’s a good reason why they haven’t: you haven’t asked. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!