QDF was born as a term in 2011 when Google released a specific update called Query Deserves Freshness. This was part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve the quality of websites (along with cracking down on cheap, useless content).

Basically, QDF gave page ranking boosts to sites that had new content related to organic searches. It was estimated to affect around 30% of all search results, generally favoring sites that had recently created new articles or updated existing content, while treating sites with older content less favorably.

The bottom line: There are good and bad reactions to QDF, and to help you choose a good reaction, we're going to break down QDF activities into three different parts.


Written by tiroberts
443 days ago

This is a fantastic SEO trick. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Written by 21Handshake
440 days ago

Glad you found it useful!

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