How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Here's What You Need to Know

How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Here\'s What You Need to Know - Avatar Posted by 99signals under Marketing
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How long should a blog post be? I'm sure you've spent countless hours doing research on the internet, rummaging through various articles to find an answer that's convincing. In this article, we’ll shed light on the ideal post length and also reveal ways in which you can arrive at the right word count for any topic.


Written by paulinak
212 days ago

Long content gets more traffic. But in fact, the most important thing in the article is a title! :) It must be catchy to interest readers.

Written by lyceum
211 days ago

Paulina: You are right about that! ;) By the way: Welcome to BizSugar!

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
212 days ago

Sandeep: How about long enough? ;) I am more of a pundit blogger, writing short & sweet stuff! :) I have written longer posts and I am planning to write some evergreen content in the future for my new sites.

Written by zotowatson
211 days ago

You have to write an in-depth article which contain full information about the topic.

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