195 Social Media Measurement Tools & Technologies

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What is this list?  195 (and growing) Tools and Solutions to help you measure and analyze your Social Media efforts.
Special thanks to  Infusionsoft (Email Marketing 2.0 experts) for generously supporting our work to help other small and midsize businesses. 

I normally don't post my own links, but this list has gotten so much attention I couldn't help sharing it.


Written by m4bmarketing
3503 days ago


I am always amazed at how you compile these lists and thanks so much for doing this.


Written by q4sales
3504 days ago

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the encouragement and comments. Yes, I'm planning to organize it a bit further. I have been doing a bunch of work in social media measurement and had compiled this list and it seemed worth sharing, even without getting it totally organized. 4,000+ visits and many, many requests for the PDF version when I finish it shortly.

One reason for no categories yet is there is so much overlap and no really defined categories in the space yet... I have a short rough list of them: Listening and Monitoring, Influence and Trust (derived metrics), Conversation/Engagement Tools...

Plus, I'm adding all their Twitter handles to the next version and a few useful posts will be in the ebook/guide/whatever it becomes. It isn't perfect, but it is useful.

Thanks again to each of you.


Written by ShawnHessinger
3504 days ago

Agreed on the suggestion to organize things into categories if you plan to add a lot more. TJ, I'm wondering if you couldn't just make this into a resource page of its own that you could just keep adding to with a prominent link from the front of your site. I'm sure it would be popular. Also, about submitting your own stuff, this is a GREAT post and I'm sure we'd all love to see more.

Written by q4sales
3504 days ago

Oh, Shawn, I did make it a permanent page by the way, prominently displayed across the top nav. We're on the same page! Keep up the great BizSugar work. Appreciate all you do here in keeping this a super resource.

Written by CIKMarketing
3504 days ago

That's a huge list. Any plans to organize it in the future into categories or with a brief description of the tool?

Written by yoni67
3510 days ago


Thanks for a HUGE and definitive list of some outstanding Social Media tools. Some I am familiar with, others I will be checking out to see what benefits they have.



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