Having trouble at work or in your personal life?

Thinking of sharing, confiding or seeking help? Now that would be the worst thing to do!


Written by SEORabbit
4069 days ago

Great article! It's good to see that you're doing well despite your health problems - and your dark sense of humor sits well with me :)

Written by Authopublisher
4070 days ago

I had a great laugh! It's funny how at times I would seriously consider giving some of your up mentioned advice to some "too much information" people! I think the truth is somewhere in the middle...

Written by alinisrael
4090 days ago

Very interesting advice!


Written by yoni67
4090 days ago


Why thank you! Hope you enjoyed...


Written by m4bmarketing
4090 days ago

Yoni, your article reminded me of someone who shared just a tad too much information in the office years ago. When it came down to it nobody actually cared or really wanted to know.


Written by yoni67
4090 days ago


I've worked in places which were so tight-knit that you could tell anyone anything. It was like a family.

And like many, I have worked in places so venemous, so filled with hatred, jealousy, resentment and animosity that opening your mouth could be a very bad idea.

If it is a close environment and healthy, perhaps each of us has someone in whom he or she can confide.

But too much information? No sex-life please! I don't like hearing about peepies and weewies at work :)

Written by businessavante
4090 days ago

Great Advice, Yoni! (kidding)

The local all-analog TV station (RTV) has just started re-running "Starsky & Hutch" ('75-'79) - from the peak of the "sensitive" '70's (when men were supposed to cry - like Alan Alda). It's pretty funny. I'd say the ideal might be half way between what you "recommend" above, and those days.

If I understand it correctly, this - along with fly-away collars on print/button-down shirts & disco, was all foisted on us by 70's women - till they got a good look at men who cried at the drop of a hat. Soon, they recoiled, wanting (as George said) "Mussolini".


Written by yoni67
4090 days ago


Thanks for your support of this bizarro article!

My doctor is suggesting medical marijuana to ease symptoms of my hemo treatment. I said "yeah, that's exactly what I need, THC in my diet!" I'm off-the wall enough thank you - at least according to my family and friends!

I went on to explain to her that I spend enough sleepless nights wondering things like:

1) If Batman fell in the ocean and got in a fight with Aquaman, who would win?

2) Why do men have nipples?


3) What is the chief export of Djibuti?

I don't know why it ever became shameful for men to cry. Probably something to do with our hunter-gatherer days.

Il Duce? Idi Amin too if I'm not mistaken :)

Anyways, I must go. Jersey Shore is on in ten minutes. I seem to have gotten addicted. Not sure how. I might bring it up with my social worker on Thursday, she's some lady they sent me to talk to about my feelings about my health situation.

She's very boring, quite opinionated and very demanding. But she's also pretty hot and she always makes me a cup of French-vanilla coffee.



Written by Jerusalem Post
4090 days ago

Very nice Yonatan!

Written by yoni67
4090 days ago

Thank you! Can I give you a shameless plug?

Thanks to: the Middle East's Largest-Circulation English Daily, www.jpost.com!

Thanks for your support!

Written by rush
4090 days ago

Kind of has a dark feel to it but it is much more effective than someone writing an article on ways to deal with depression at work. Sometimes the irony and satire hits deeper.


Written by yoni67
4090 days ago


If it has that dark, macabre air to it, then I feel I have succeeded. I try to use the satire and twists.

It would be easy to write an article entitled "6 Ways to Cope with Stress in the Workplace" or "How to Express Your Emotions for a Healthy Work Environment." Just not my style. I'm too bizarre for that :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Written by gpoint
4090 days ago

Great stuff Yoni!



Written by yoni67
4090 days ago

Thanks Greenpoint!

Written by BradenM
4090 days ago


Great job! I'm happy to see that your difficulties with health have not affected your sense of humor!


Written by yoni67
4090 days ago



I awoke this morning feeling like writing something.

The ideas in my mind:

1) Why don't dogs need toilet paper?

2) REO Speedwagon? Holy shit, did I really used to like them???

3) With all the talk of locusts, how come I've never seen a 10-mile-long cloud of them swoop down and devour a farm?


4) Why people should talk about their feelings.


Written by saraib820
4090 days ago

What can I say???

Written by yoni67
4090 days ago

Say you, say me, say it for always, naturally...

Lionel Richie

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