How to Avoid Computer Eye Strain at Work? - #WiseStep

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Working at a 9-5 job is not an easy task as it seems to be, along with it comes little inconveniences that cannot be avoided but should be taken care of. While you are sitting all day long working on your desktops, the most important part of your body that keeps struggling with you are your eyes. J Read More
Remote working is now a reality more than ever. Here are the top 4 myths about remote working that need to be overcome in the future.

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My Accountant friends remind me of the saying ‘running around like headless chickens’ closer to the date of financial year ending. They look stressed, panicky, desperate, more stressed and very, very tired. Some get dark circles around their eyes and are present physically but absent mentally at ‘t Read More
Do you routinely find yourself taking, taking, and taking some more with your small business? And, do you constantly want handouts? Do you feel annoyed at the “selfishness” of fellow small business owners who never give you the time of day?

Do you give or take with your small business today? Lea Read More
A woman is the keystone of a family. She adorns many roles like daughter, mother, wife, home maker etc and fulfills them with perfection and great care. Some are capable of managing their work and home flawlessly while some decide to bid farewell to their career and stay home. With many work from h Read More
It’s all good and well saying that you’re going to work on your business, but if you don’t actively get down to work, then can you really say that you’re making progress?

Not in my book. It’s always worth remembering that it’s not the number of hours at the office or at your home office that cou Read More
Working with coaching clients over the years, I’ve often supported people to assess their current circumstances and determine if they needed to make a change or just change their perspective.

An effective coaching technique to sort out facts, fiction, and feelings is to use metaphors to describ Read More
Sweeping small business problems under the rug ensures the problems remain under the rug. Perhaps you cannot see it but it must be fixed.

Stop treating problems like nasty enemies to fear. Allow your business issues to be friendly teachers.

Happy, successful entrepreneurs find a business prob Read More
Remote work will only increase collective dependence on technology. So how can your business maintain control and visibility? This article shows you how workflow management systems can help you improve visibility and team collaboration.
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Learn to release your fears by doing the things you are fearful of and gain the confidence to do them again and feel confident.

So, do you feel like you have been going uphill in 2020? For many this year has been an uphill battle.

Whether it be personal, or job and career-related it has been Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!