There is a secret in life and in business that you may not be aware of. It is the biggest one, the one that, without your uncovering it, will stand in your way on the path to success.Here it is: Where you are today in your life and in your business is a direct result of only one person – and that person is you. Read more...!

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Written by businessavante
4839 days ago

Great series of articles, Frederique! For this one I'd say people who were truly abused as children, and/or who have brain chemistry imbalances are at a distinct disadvantage. Under these circumstances treading water may be all that is possible - that it may take every ounce of their strength just to keep their head above water. There are those who've conquered this, or worse, but the playing field isn't level.


Written by FrederiqueMurphy
4838 days ago

Thanks for the comment (and thanks, I was uploading my articles, now almost all on BizSugar!). I agree, the playing field is not level, yet I still believe that our results are directly our responsibility and a strong and important distinction here is that when I use the world responsibility, I do not mean blame nor fault. It is of course not the fault of the abused child, it is however, his/her responsibility to go for what they want and overcome what has happened, only them can do it. As hard as some situations are, the stronger places, where we can be is when we take responsibility, and move from a victim place to a control one, from a cause to effect one. We are the individuals we are today thanks to / because of what has happened to us and we can decide whether to utilise these experiences or not. I remember hearing this speaker who talked about being sexually abused as a child and how now, he has drawn a tremendous amount of power from his experiences and has channelled it to help, that is wonderful.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!