Have you heard of JustRetweet? It’s a wonderful way to spread your message across Twitter by sharing others tweets on Twitter. This is a 3rd party blogging application for Twitter. Members earn credits when they retweet or like your tweet. When you assign credits to your message then other users will retweet your messages.


Written by Inspiretothrive
275 days ago

Hi Lyceum, that one may be a little difficult but it depends on what you write about on it too. I would definitely try it out, it doesn't take much time or money.

I've done some for other clients in other industries and it takes time to develop. But it can be done!

Written by lyceum
275 days ago

Lisa: Thanks for your input! Talk soon again! ;)

All the Best,


Written by lyceum
275 days ago

Lisa: I will look into JustRetweet again. I remember I checked it out many years ago.

Do you think the beverage (tea) category will be OK?

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