Should a CEO Use Social Media?

Should a CEO Use Social Media? - Avatar Posted by ferdinandtan under Social Media
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Well.. this is an important question to ask. This is even more important to consider if you are a CEO. There has been quite a bit of chatter in the social media world pertaining to a CEO's use of social media. Should the overall leader in a company be involved in the online communication strategy being implemented by employees or an outside firm? There are many cases when the answer is YES and a few where the answer can be a resounding no.


Written by lyceum
5001 days ago

Yes, I said that between, if you read between the lines... ;) It could be the CEO, a techie at the company, a social media enthusiast, an external social media professional, etc.

I have started to read reading Groundswell - Winning in a world transformed by social technologies.

Written by ShawnHessinger
5003 days ago

It really depends on the company. I know I'm biased because of what I do as a blogger and social media professional, but I think in the end it has to do with whether social media, including blogging, is part of a company's core competency. Is it taking away from something else you should be doing? Social media is harder than it looks, keeping up a presence on multiple platforms. Even maintaining a good blog and tweaking it to be search engine optimized can be pretty time intensive no matter what the do-it-yourself gurus may say. Someone running a software company may be very comfortable blogging while someone running an engineering firm may not be...or vice versa. I never try to convince someone who desperately wants to blog that he/she should hire someone to do it instead. But I also don't bother trying to convince someone who feels its important but doesn't want to do it personally that he/she should.

Written by lyceum
5004 days ago

The CEO should at least understand social media and be involved in it and lead the direction. But I think that social media should be used by individuals in the company that are most interested, passionate and knowledgeable about it.

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