Meet Richard Shakespeare. Shunned by over 2,000 employers, he took matters into his own hands.

And clients are lining up!


Written by acundy11
3959 days ago

This is really cool story. It seems that this experience actually forced him into starting a business. But wow 2000 jobs applications?? I don't think that if I were tracking my job hunt that I would continue after 300, lol.

Written by saraib820
3959 days ago


Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you found the story and the subject inspiring and tenacious. It is a wonderful story.


Written by saraib820
3986 days ago

GreenPoint, Susan and all who voted:

Thanks! I'm glad that others found this as inspiring as I did!

Written by gpoint
3986 days ago


Very inspiring! Really a nice story.


Written by m4bmarketing
3991 days ago

Another great story Rivkah that we can all learn from.


Written by businessavante
3992 days ago

Great Rivkah - and some of the internal comments were beautiful. Civil service doesn't want someone who scores 98% - because they'll show 'em up.


Written by saraib820
3992 days ago


You can almost imagine the conversation in the boardroom:

"So guys, what do you think about that really bright, personable, highly-qualified gem of a human being who applied today?"

"You mean the one with cerebral palsy?????"

"Why yes, I do mean him."

"Put him on the do not hire list, that's all we need is a high achiever with a disability showing us up!"

This is the kind of story that makes my day and my week!


Written by yoni67
3992 days ago

David Leonhardt,

If you would be so kind as to share this lovely story on OldDogg, it would be much appreciated. Even on Puppydog, YoungDogg, middleageddog and veryveryolddoggthatcanbarelymoveorgotothebathroom.



Written by ivanpw
3992 days ago

A truly inspiring success story!

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