Entering into a new contract is an exciting time for any company. The agreement is signed with the hope that it will grow the business and result in a long, mutually beneficial relationship with the other side. While such optimism is warranted, the importance of entering into a legally sound cont Read More
With all this “B Corp” buzz in the air, it’s time to get one thing straight: the Benefit Corporation and the “B Corp” are not created equal. The terms are often used interchangeably, and it’s not necessarily wrong to say “B Corporation” or “B Corp” to informally describe a Benefit Corporation eithe Read More
Small business owners have to deal with legal matters on frequent basis. Web based legal services can help address this expeditiously and inexpensively. Read More
Forming an LLC or incorporating your business is an excellent idea when it comes to protecting and legitimizing your company, but it does require that you jump through a few more regulatory hoops. Different states have different laws and regulations, but for the most part every state has deadlines Read More
However, we decided to revisit the benefit corporation because there are still so many question surrounding the new structure. In just a few short months, eight more states have enacted legislation to recognize benefit corporation, bringing the total up to twenty, if you include D.C. And, as more a Read More
But even if you are just a small, one-person company operating out of your garage, Arkansas is still one of the best states to found a business for several reasons... Read More
The advantages and disadvantages of incorporating in another state are hotly debated. We’ve seen a lot of other business-filing companies and services extol the virtues of incorporating in Nevada or Delaware, but the reality of the situation is a bit more nuanced... Read More
One would think that a place with so much start-up history would be an excellent place to start a business nowadays; however, California is actually not the best place to start a business as it turns out.

California is one of the most expensive... Read More
The first steps you take upon receiving lawsuit papers are critical. This article explains what you should and should not do when served with lawauits against your business. Read More
There are times when your job puts you at risk of injury. Even when you are as careful as possible, and follow all the regulations, there is a chance of injury at work. In some cases, the job you do might carry a higher risk of injury than normal. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!