This podcast from the law firm of Chorey, Taylor & Feil looks at your business's options, obligations and possible reaction in the unhappy event of being sued. The podcast goes over how to choose an attorney to represent you, how to deal with your insurance company when sued, how to collect and record the necessary documentation for your defense and how to monitor the case to be it is being handl Read More
When learning how to find small business legal advice online, the first and most important step may be to realize that just like searching for a lawyer in the real world, care must be taken to make sure the information you get is correct. In this article from you can read about your options when seeking legal help on the Internet, but remember that the best advice is us Read More
If you want to learn how to insure your small business, read this article from A big part of choosing the right insurance for your business is properly assessing your need. Be sure you understand the potential difficulties your business may face and how to protect against them in the best way possible. Read More
A well-drafted contract spells out the rights and obligations of each party and protects you and your business to the most practical extent. A good contract can increase your business, earn you respect, and make you money. A bad contract, on the other hand, can be disastrous. These nine tips will give you a head start. Read More
Have you made these small business legal mistakes? If so, you're probably not alone, but since the consequences could be dire maybe it's time you have another look. There are legal pitfalls at every step along the way when putting together and running small businesses and the following article from AllBusiness looks at some of the big ones. See if you can find some mistakes you've made in your ow Read More
Though many small business owners may prefer not to think about it, contracts remain a small business contract is the best way to avoid misunderstandings or worse when providing a very involved service or filling a very large order. Read The Lowdown on Contracts from to learn more about what you need to know when preparing or signing contracts involved with your services. Do you Read More
This post from looks at some of the necessary legal forms you will need when selling a business. The article by eHow contributing writer Kelcey Lehrich gives an overview of the three main legal documents you will likely need when selling your small business. These include the Bill of Sale, Covenants Not to Compete and the Buy-Sell Agreement. Though certainly much research will be require Read More
This is a very cool story about a legal clinic that provides both experience for law students and legal advice for small businesses who otherwise would not have the money to seek such advice. Though this is the story of one such clinic in a single community it could definitely serve as a blueprint for a movement that could level the playing field for many small businesses that have never had adeq Read More
Like an overcrowded hospital that kicks out a patient before he's completely recovered, policymakers are abandoning small business. Read More
It aims to improve the overall approach to entrepreneurship, to irreversibly anchor the "Think Small first" principle in policy making from regulation to public service, and to promote SMEs' growth by helping them tackle the remaining problems which hamper their development. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!