Analysis paralysis is just one of my procrastination challenges. A couple of other things have caused me to have to make an effort with my productivity. See if they are familiar to you and your own productivity issues:

-I have a compulsion to fix things
-I never think I have done enough

Do you have the same problems? Read More
I’m not convinced about New Year resolutions. There’s something about setting a target or change of behaviour for 12 months that doesn’t work. Maybe its changing priorities, a lack of momentum, losing interest or that life has changed fundamentally. Sometimes a different approach to your goals can give you more focus and really drive your success in 2010. Read More
If you are looking for finance to either start up a business or expand your existing one you have to accept that if you want the Bank to say yes to your superb business idea, you are going to have to spend time preparing for the interview. Read More
You're a savvy small business owner with smarts, drive and determination, and you surround yourself with employees who possess those same qualities. So instead of always being the one to tell them what to do, why don't you consider opening up the floor to suggestions from them? Read More
Why are employee benefits important to small business owners? Business consultant and adjunct professor of business Joe Dunlop explains the increasing trend toward employee benefits as a powerful motivation when recruiting employees. Can you offer employees a better benefits package, more flexibility in their work schedule, more opportunity to balance work and family. If so, you may have a winnin Read More
Small Businesses Can No Longer Afford To Be Dilettantes When Hiring. Great piece by Patricia Frame. She helps small to mid-size organizations achieve their goals through more effective human capital strategy and management. And she can be reached through her website, Read More
It is up to each person what they do with feedback received, but the worst a Manager can do is “nothing”. This is an opportunity for improvement, it must be taken. Read More
Thought as a starting blog for 2010, I'd explore two elements of Leadership - self-leadership and organisational leadership - which we can then mull over in more detail in further blogs. Read More
A Web log, or blog, can be a boon to your business. In an accompanying article, I offer reasons why business owners and managers might want to establish themselves as bloggers. Read More
Like most entrepreneurs, you're already looking forward to next year--our experts will tell what to expect. Read this article to get an idea what business will be in the year 2010. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!