If you are ready for a powerful transformation in your life, Transforming Power: Stories from Transformational Leaders for Inspiration and Encouragement is a book you must read. Transformation Leadership is a shift towards leading with a vision, while building synergy with a higher purpose. Hugh B Read More
An interesting post about whether or not entrepreneurs should even bother getting their college degree. Should they just start their business right away and gain experience or go to college and gain education? Read More
Elizabeth Cook points to punctuality as a way to demonstrate consistency. Elizabeth describes punctuality as good business: "It shows you respect others' time, as well as your own." She offers some practical advice for what does and doesn't constitute a good excuse for being late. This post is a good reminder that sometimes the best Trusted Ad Read More
In these days of competitive work life, one needs to be multi-skilled person to have a great career. You need to develop communication skills, you need to cultivate good etiquette, you need to need to acquire leadership qualities and finally you need to become a great learner to move your career on steroids. There is no place for slow learners and Read More
Everybody wishes to have a successful career in his/her life and also aims to reach the top most position in his career. It is nothing but natural. To achieve success, the minimum required two things are, we have to strive hard and have a good plan of action. What are the secrets of successful? How to improve ourselves? Read More
Everybody wishes to become a leader in life. Certainly, we have to welcome and appreciate his ambition. But by mere wish, one cannot become a leader. One should attain these leadership skills to become a good leader either in your personal or work life. Read More
Best blog on personality development, art of living and tips to improve communications skills. Articles on stress management, success secrets and leadership skills. Read More
What everyone needs to learn to manage in order to cope — is the way we use our time. Read More
Accountability IS important. This post, from Steve MacGill CEO of Peersight Online, explains why. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!