The potential growth of the business relies on the hands of the people who will run it globally. The most essential element in Global Business is people. Remember that you are running a business in an environment with wide scope, so you surely can't do it alone. Handling a global business will require you to seek help. No matter how intelligent, e Read More
Being a candidate for a business loan may somehow drive you desperately. If you are into applying loans, you can think and do everything just to please your financial lending institution. One of the most effective ways to persuade your lender is to present valid and credible collateral. Through this, you can ensure your lender that you are capable Read More
Home business is becoming more popular and this eHow article by Basharat Shah gives perspective home entrepreneurs some pointers about how to get yours started. Home businesses have become an increasingly popular option with the increased prevelence of home shopping, writes Shah. In addition, increasingly business services are also being outsource Read More
What if we changed the way we looked at Sales Productivity. Rather than focusing on sales related activities, let's look at non-sales related activities. It's likely we'll find tremendous time drains in those areas that can improve sales productivity. Read More
Whether trying to distinguish yourself in a small business or in any other pursuit in life, the question of how to be the best often arises. In this second part of an interview on his book The Dip, Seth Godin talks about the importance of standing out (because no one selects average) and how to make sure to distinguish yourself from the rest of th Read More
Whether it's knowing when to quit that market that is just not yielding the results for which you had hoped or knowing when to quit trying to compete with competitors in a frantic attempt to be second or third best, Seth Godin argues knowing when to throw in the towel and change your strategy may be the most important trait of a winner. In this i Read More
I see this happen a lot, especially with small business owners. They hit the market and plant a bunch of seeds, then get discouraged when nothing happens right away. They expect there to be an immediate reaction and to receive an immediate result from their hard work. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Read More

Daily Sales Tip #56

Daily Sales Tip #56 - Avatar Posted by alenmajer under Sales
From 3843 days ago
You are not born knowing how to walk. But you had to, one step at a time, to make the first step. After each attempt and all of your hard work, each step turned into a learned skill where you were able to finally walk. It is the same in sales - you have to put the efforts in motion and start learning about new sales tools available to you. Ther Read More
Was a time a few years back when I would tell audiences of small business owners that “if they did not have a website, they weren't really in business.” Fortunately, small business owners have taken heed and now most concede they must indeed embrace the Internet — of course, now that's really not enough is it? My soap box speech these days has Read More
With 300 million active users, it is definitely an advertising channel worth considering; but advertisers need more confidence. Nielsen, a leading market research company will bring Facebook another step closer to perfecting its advertising platform. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!