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Being contracted by large companies is super exciting and can be a bit stressful. There is so much to do in such little time. So, you’re going to need a few ways to stay organized to get you through it all. Major companies are often last minute-as we all are-and have so much work that they expect y Read More
In this episode of the Better than Success Podcast, host Nikki Purvy talks 5 Tricks to Leading a Successful Team.
The tips include:
Understand that the success of the team, both individually and collectively is your responsibility as a leader (learn more about leadership here)
Be intentional ab Read More

4 Must Haves for Every Ecommerce Website - Lidyr Creative

4 Must Haves for Every Ecommerce Website - Lidyr Creative - Avatar Posted by LidyrCreative under Online Marketing
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We’ve worked with all kinds of ecommerce businesses— in fact ecommerce websites are our most popular sites, so over the years we’ve learned a few things about what makes a successful ecommerce website and what makes an ecommerce website unsuccessful. We sat down with our design team and came up wit Read More
We’re right in the middle of the summer months and before the kids all get ready to go back to school and everyone gets back into full work mode, you can count on almost everyone around you taking tons of vacations. Here are 3 Tips for Managing Your Business While Your Team is on vacation Read More
Your company culture is made up of all those little unwritten rules. The ones that no one ever says but everyone knows about. These are the things that determine your employees habits, your work environment, and much more. How do you create a strong company culture that reflects your morals and val Read More
This is a guest post from Ileane Smith
Even though Twitter is my favorite social network, I was very intrigued by the mystique surrounding Snapchat and I decided to give it a try. Times are a changing and chances are, your target audience is probably on Snapchat already, but if not they soon will Read More
Each month Better Than Success will be giving select awards to outstanding individuals in business. These awards are given to people who demonstrate both a high level of business acumen and serve the public for a greater good larger than just themselves. The awards are meant to highlight:

Exce Read More
Entrepreneurs come to us for business advice or digital media help and I find that a very common themes that small business owners and new entrepreneurs struggle with. Better Than Success is all about teaching you how to teach yourself. So I’m going to offer you a framework through lessons that you Read More
Quincy Harris is a force to be reckoned with and has been in the entertainment business for over 15 years. His quick wit and honesty has made him a fan favorite in the radio industry. However, now you can catch Quincy on Philadelphia’s Fox 29 The Q Read More
In episode 23 of the Better Than Success Podcast, your host Nikki Purvy talks about how to tell if your business is a multimillion dollar business in the making. Is it scalable? We talk about the 1 simple trivial thing that will determine how scalable your business is. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!