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Whether the end goal is to exit, be acquired, or have enough in the bank to launch, it’s important for entrepreneurs to find the companies that can help them do it. Read More
Not hiring an accountant can often be an expensive mistake. A good accountant offers much more than filling out and filing forms; they can provide expert advice and information, help you to grow your business, prevent your from running afoul of the IRS, and save you thousands of dollars in taxes.
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If you’re wondering how to start a clothing company, look no further: We’ve put together a complete guide to help you get started. Read More

How Color Influences Us - LivePlan Blog

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Colors play a major part in corporate branding. Why not try to influence how people respond to your brand with some smart color choices of your own? Read More
We’ve done the research for you and picked out the top small business-friendly cities in the United States lately. Read More
In this guide, you’ll get a better sense of the industry, what skills you should develop in order to be successful in it, and how to go about starting your own operation. Read More
While putting your nose to the proverbial grindstone is necessary, I’d argue that we should still make time for our hobbies. Not only is “all work and no play” incredibly draining, but it’s unlikely to foster much creativity, which is essential when it comes to successful entrepreneurship. http://b Read More
Business owners who succeed in meeting their goals have one common thread: they all track progress towards their goals. To do that well, you need to know what metrics and data to track and what to safely ignore. Read More
Everything you see around you—every item you own, every book you’ve read, every app you use, every website you browse—was once nothing more than an idea in someone else’s head.We’ll walk you through the things you need to do to get your ideas to market, and give you a number of useful resources to Read More
If you are reading this, I’ll bet you’re not the average person. You are a person yearning to thrive and make a real change. Finding a supportive network of others who feel the same will help you Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!