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Today, there are multitudes of people out there seeking jobs without any major or formal area of specialization. Sure, they have a general business degree, but no area of specialization in business or specialized training of any kind. Read More
Strategic alliances don’t have to be anything more than a handshake and an agreement for exclusive endorsement. It works because it’s a two-way street. Read More
Back and expanded by popular demand! Nobody’s perfect. But most common mistakes are completely avoidable with a bit of extra knowledge and practice. Chances are, this is the most helpful article you will ever read in your life. Read More
Here are some tips to increase profits while lowering operational costs. Cash flow can be described as a magnitude of money that is flowing into a business in terms of profit, plus that which is leaving a business as expenses. When a business owner maximizes cash flow in their business, they are a Read More
Before you start a business, it’s important to get to know your market and your competition. Market research can be defined as methods employed in collecting, gathering and analyzing raw data..... Read More
Starting a business on a low-cost budget is tough, but not impossible. By using technology and ingenuity to their full potential, you can make it happen. Read More
Sometimes, lines are good…like when you’re a business owner and the line is made of customers and it’s outside your door! Make this dream a reality with these tips! Read More
$1 from 1001 people is better than $1000 from one person…and a lot easier to get! Less can be more! Micro funding can be defined has raising funds from social media, as well as media websites, for a specific purpose. Actually, micro funding is a common practice nowadays. People and organizations pr Read More
It might not be easy, but you CAN market your business without money. It might seem impossible, but it is possible. You can actually get customers without allocating a marketing budget. This will also enable you to spend small amounts of money on other things, too. Generally, when starting a busine Read More

Basic Payroll Rules for Startups

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The quickest way to halt your company’s productivity is to stop paying your employees. Ensure you never miss a payment with these tips. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!