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Marketing can come in all shapes and sizes depending on what your CU is trying to market, and to whom. Here, we are going to go over the scoop on marketing tools and the toppings that will make your CU stand out to current and potential members. We will discuss what each tactic brings to the table, Read More
When looking for a safe, low-risk investment for extra savings, a term share or share certificate may be the way to go for your members. Share certificates offer competitive and sometimes even higher rates. Read More
Here we will be going over and explaining some of the pending regulations being set forward by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) and how they directly affect your CU. Read More
In an article written by Richard Gallagher, CEO of Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc. exemplifies the true fundamentals of form integrations and credit union mergers. Ever wonder what the key is to survive the credit union industry or what to do when any document changes occur? Find out more by readin Read More
How do I encourage membership growth?
CUs generally have lower loan rates, higher rates on savings and investment accounts, and fewer fees. While credit unions focus on securing memberships from younger generations, it's important not to discount lending to small and mid-size businesses. Read More
Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc. teamed up with local charities, including the OC Foodbank and the 2020 Community Cup Charity, to give back to the surrounding communities. Read More
Employee longevity is important for data accuracy. Longer employee tenures allow credit unions to maintain data standards over the course of many years, reducing the possibility of inaccurate or misleading data to surface because of new employees. Read More
Oak Tree will help your credit union reach your demographics with a targeted, fun, and creative marketing strategy for your credit union. Read More
It's that time of the week again...Happy #HumanitarianHighlight day! We are so proud of the credit union community reps who have been out making peoples' days and giving back to their beloved neighborhoods! Here are just a few credit unions who have continued to show their support for the students, Read More
Does your credit union have a budget designed specifically for your marketing department? Here, we will go over why it is so important that your CU has allocated funds just for the marketing and advertising team. Some CUs take funds from other departments and give a small percentage to their market Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!