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It’s an easy mistake to make.
Especially when you’ve got some of the biggest brands in the world doing it, too.
But get this one RIGHT and your marketing will get a lot more traction. Read More

Can You "Fail-proof" Your Business?

Can You "Fail-proof" Your Business?  - http://thewordchef.com Avatar Posted by wordchef under Marketing
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Even if someone you trust and admire (aka an "Influencer") makes a hard-to-believe marketing claim, you need to ask questions. Here's what happened when I did just that. Read More
What We're Doing, What's Working and What's Not.

Created from survey data collected from nearly 1,200 respondents during June 2012. A full length research report is also available. Read More
It's Carnival time again. Today we bring you 12 perspectives (12 different posts) on the topic of using your quirks, oddities and flaws to create a stronger brand and differentiate yourself from the competition. Read More
Ever wondered how your marketing efforts compare to those of your peers, or how other solo folks market themselves (and what works for them), then here’s your chance to get answers! Read More
Read and/or listen to the interview with the author of the new book, "The Power of Unpopular." Two chances to win a free copy when you comment. Read More
Or, “How Giving Away an Award Grew My Site Traffic by 60% in Three Months" Take a look at site traffic before and after; as well as mailing list size before and after. I include the entire 3-phase marketing plan with this post. Read More
Getting folks to talk about your product or service isn’t something you can force. People will talk about things that are remarkably good, and shun things that are remarkably bad (if you’re lucky. If you’re remarkably bad, they might also tell everyone they know).
So how would you go about creatin Read More
We may not have called it “edutainment” when we were huddled around the prehistoric campfire re-enacting the last mastodon hunt, but that’s exactly what it was. We were teaching (and learning) valuable life lessons. As a marketer, you can build a brand easier if you seek to educate. Here are 9 vide Read More
Here's a great example of how one small business (Squeeze In from Reno, NV) uses social media to build their brand effectively. Afterward, we’ll look at four unique social media tactics you can use to extend your brand. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!