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Cash flow problems affect 60% of small businesses each year and for many reasons: late-paying customers, too much cash tied up in inventory, and so on. However, one often overlooked reason for cash flow problems are low profit margins. If you’re at the point where you’re feeling the pinch and have Read More
Your business credit score is an important yardstick of your company’s fiscal health. If you’re looking to borrow money, negotiate good terms with your suppliers, get the best lease on commercial property, or secure good insurance premiums—your credit score better be healthy. Here are six things yo Read More
As we enter the season of social giving, have you considered ways in which your business can give back to those in need or to your community? According to Charity Navigator, 31% of annual giving occurs in the month of December and Giving Tuesday has become a huge part of the social giving calendar. Read More
The longest holiday of the year is right around the corner, but for millions of American business owners, Thanksgiving can be disruptive to cash flow. With most of America taking time off to be with family and do some holiday shopping, taking any time off or even shutting down your business for a f Read More
The seemingly never-ending presidential election season is nearly over. Come November 8th, we’ll head to the polls and put one of history’s most hotly contested and controversial elections to bed. Small businesses have been following the election very closely, much more so than the general public, Read More
Feast or famine: One week you’re full of nervous excitement about the amount of work you have on your plate, the next you’re twiddling your thumbs and wondering if you’ll ever be busy again. Don’t panic! There are a few steps you can take to bring stability to your business, particularly where it w Read More
There is one type of client that all service-based business owners will almost certainly encounter—the disappearing client. If these relationships ended for no apparent reason and without so much as a heads-up, it can be hard not to take it personally—especially if you’ve put lots of work into buil Read More
Your cash flow statement, not to be confused with your cash flow forecast, is a vital tool in your business financial management arsenal. Read More
Whether you’re thinking of starting a cleaning business, or just need an injection of fresh ideas, here are eight surefire ways to grow your cleaning business, as recommended by some of the cleaning industry’s top marketers and small business experts. Read More
Labor Day, the last holiday of the summer—woo hoo! But what does Labor Day mean to you and your employees? 60% of employees feel the relationship with their employer positively impacts their focus and productivity, while 44% say it positively impacts stress levels. As you contemplate the Labor Day Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!