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When opting for a franchise, many businessmen get tempted to invest in a fast food or restaurant franchise since it sounds like a safe choice and what we often hear from people is that food franchise has a high margin. You may have seen many successful restaurant franchises around but what many peo Read More
The Health and Fitness industry is one of the most progressing fields in the world these days. Its importance is growing in leaps and bounds with more and more people becoming health conscious.Therefore the opportunity for buying a Health and Fitness related business is at the utmost high!.... Read More
The foundation of any organization is the talented and hard working people, who are the principal assets of any firm. It is an established fact that the growth of an organization requires the continual infusion of quality staff. Thus, adequate staffing or the provision for appropriate human resourc Read More
A Trust business structure is not a separate legal entity such as a company as it is a legal relationship between a ‘trustee’ and one or more people called the ‘beneficiaries’. In this business structure a trustee holds property or assets to benefit the beneficiary or beneficiaries, if more. A trus Read More
Listing your business for sale has often been compared to the experience of listing one’s property but experienced brokers feel that the two are actually totally different. Preparation is key; preparing your business for sale can ease stress and also allow the same to run smoothly..... Read More
50 unit owners of the family holiday resort Nobbys Outlook are soon to be very happy with the possibility of a $30 million dollar windfall....... Read More
Since July this year, America and the UK have increased their security measures for all mobile devices. Due to threats from the Middle East and Africa the Department of Homeland Security and TSA have enhance the already thorough screening process. This is to help reduce the threat of explosive devi Read More
I was talking to a business owner just the other day that needed help and was having problems with competition in the town. The competition was new in town, some were fly in fly out businesses and all had arrived when business was booming....... Read More
Projects have constraints and elements that affect each other, these different Constraints can be found in the Project Management Triangle. Each side/angle represents one of these constraints, they are; ‘Scope’, ‘Time’ and ‘Cost’. These factors cannot individually be affected without changing the o Read More
What is Franchising?
Franchising is a business agreement between two parties - a franchisor and a franchisee. It is the practice of benefiting from a firm’s successful business model.... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!