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When you are not aware of the complexities that cultural differences can create it is easy forget to try to show appropriate respect to others. When people do not realize that they need to make an effort to adjust their attitudes they can appear self-centered. Read More
There are cultural differences in expectations on how to show self respect... but a lack of self respect combined with other cross-cultural pitfalls can compromise good cross-cultural communication. Read More
A look at how our own definitions of truth, and what we consider to be truthful and honest, can effect our international business success. Different people, different cultures have different boundaries for what they consider to be truthful. Here is one way to build trust in cross-cultural communication. Read More
When there is a change to any element in your promise to an international client, you need to immediately stop and think of your international client. Usually the your best option is to immediately be honest and upfront with your international client. Here is why. Read More
For more international sales, different cultures need different marketing strategies. This is why cross-cultural marketing is marketing through segmentation. Read More
This is a story of how I was able to get my daughters to get beyond their fear of flying to have a vacation of a lifetime and the similarities in some cross-cultural hurdles. Read More
Some businesses lose sales because their international clients do not have the same understanding or expectation of what is offered or promised. As usual the cultprit is cross-cultural differences. Here is how to begin to improve your cross-cultural explanation skills. Read More
Cultural differences mean that our clients might have different expectations than we expect. An accurate appreciation of your international clients' expectations can help you improve your international marketing, but it can also help you to establish a good foundation for trust. Read More
It is natural for international clients to be curious or nervous and they may have a certain apprehension about doing business abroad if this is their first time, or if it is the first time they are doing business with you. An easy way to build trust is to deliver what you promise. Read More
A simple question about whether your client is happy may not give you the feedback you would need to hear from your international clients. It is important to remember the cross-cultural communication challenges that stop you from learning more about your cross-cultural clients' expectations. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!