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How to create your Twitter profile to facilitate engagement with your Twitter audience and build a strong brand online. Read More
In cross-cultural business encounters trust can become extremely personal. People will notice when you do not trust yourself at this very basic level. Read more about why it is important to trust yourself first. Read More
Cindy King is a contributor (together with Mari Smith, Jason Falls, Chris Garrett, Denise Wakeman, Casey Hibbard and Michael Stelzner) on the new online magazine with content-rich articles and videos designed to help businesses discover how to best use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Read More
The self-confidence you need to deal with cultural differences is something most people acquire through international experience. A lack of self-confidence can quickly lead to awkwardness and aggression. This is why it is important to build a quiet self-confidence to build trust in cross-cultural communication. Read More
There are no real guidelines on what information to share with international clients when cross-cultural differences make communication difficult. The best advice advice is simply to be aware of the cultural intricacies that may be involved. You will need to discover what information you need to share to avoid any misinterpretations. Read More
Cross-cultural encounters without hidden agendas are much easier than with them. In a business environment, the best way to avoid hidden agendas is to get focused on the task at hand and find the reason for the connection in the first place. Read More
Clarity does help to avoid the wrong assumptions that can lead to the perception of a lack of honesty and trust, but clarity is also a basic skillin communication . Any extra effort you make in improving the clarity of your communication will help you improve communication across a wide variety of potential cultural blunders. Read More
To become aware of how your international clients see you, you need to change your viewpoint and try to see yourself as they do. As you become aware of how other cultures see you, you will be able to look for ways to improve your communication and have better control in avoiding wrong assumptions that effect how others perceive you. Read More
We all usually feel fairly comfortable with our communication skills and we don't always question the level of respect we show others. To successfully acquire strong international skills we need to spend some time learning more about respect. Read More
When faced with foreign languages it easy to focus on the speaking half of communication and to forget about the listening half. But the listening half of the communication is very important. Most people first learn how to show respect when speaking, but there is also an art is listening with respect. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!