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For some, starting a business can be a lifelong dream. For others, realizing the desire to own a business can take a little longer. Duane Turner falls into the latter category. Turner enjoyed a full career in the U.S. Army before deciding he wanted to own his own business. Now, Turner is the proud Read More
Selectivity, consistency and engagement are essential for finding great people and growing relationships with them. Here are ways to build lasting business relationships in today’s professional world. Read More
Earlier this month Google announced that inactive Google “My Business” accounts may become unverified. Now a recent Maps update for Android could tell customers your business is closed if you don’t update your store hours. Read More
Small Business Trends recently spoke to Andrea Steele, co-owner of Camper’s Paradise in Sigel, Pennsylvania. Steele’s family gave up everything – including high-pressure, high-paying jobs – to spend more time together and teach their children the value of hard work and determination. Read More
Over the past several years, the handmade community has grown from a tiny niche to a fully functioning industry. But Etsy is only one of the places to sell handmade crafts online. Below are websites where all kinds of makers can sell, market, and find new homes for their handmade goods. Read More
Traveling can be stressful. Even the most relaxing business event or vacation can start with a tense, nerve-wracking trip. But there are ways you can make your trip easier. Below is are travel hacks for packing and tips for an enjoyable, stress-free journey. Read More
Ilya Balashov and Mike Kornev were very familiar with those connectivity issues. As frequent business travelers, they became frustrated with the high roaming costs and inability to connect in certain locations. So, they came up with their own solution. Read More
Rejection doesn’t have to paralyze you. It doesn’t have to keep you from moving forward. Over the years, I have learned several different ways to keep rejection from affecting my psyche. If you practice the tips for handling rejection in business I’ve provided here, you will begin to find it much e Read More
OneTouchTeam is very familiar with the difficulties that small businesses face when trying to run their own HR solutions. So, the company created a DIY human resources solution. Read about the company’s journey and philosophy in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. Read More
Previous Head of Webspam at Google Matt Cutts has been on leave since last July and it was speculated that the 10-year veteran of the position wasn’t going to return. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!