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Your target audience is important. It should help define your writing style, the topics and where you promote your writing. Find out more in this blog post. Read More
Use these special days to create unique and relevant content and offers for your audience. Here are dates for November and December 2016. Read More
Should you buy social shares from a third party? Is it ethical, is there another way? This is a question we asked when contacted by a third party offering this service. Read More
Make your WordPress website the best on the web with these plugins. We've run all of these plugins on our website at one time or another. Read More
Do you know your digital marketing laws? Do you know what could happen when you break them? Here are some lessons learned the hard way for some businesses. Read More
Why do digital marketing campaigns fail? Is it because of lack of training or something marketers aren't doing? Here are five reasons that you can quickly resolve to make the most of your campaigns. Read More
Last year we asked a pretty big question: Is Google+ dead? We had such a big response to the original article, we decided to look at our article last year and re-examine the question. Here is what we found. Read More
You can start your own home online business. It isn't difficult and there are plenty of different business models to choose from. Here is my story of how I started my business and what you could do too. Read More
Are you prone to the bad tactics some SEO companies employ? It is important to note the difference between bad SEO companies and good SEO companies and the tactics they use to attract clients. Read More
While the UK vote to leave the EU might not have been most business' decisions. They have to live with it. Now many are saying they will freeze recruitment.

But is this really necessary? What could the positives be? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!