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LinkedIn is a social network that caters to business professionals and owners. This social network was one of the first to go public and initially sold for $9 billion.
LinkedIn has well over 100 million users, with around 60% of them being male and 40% being male. With so many business professio Read More
With the thousands of blogs online, it is hard work to get your blog noticed and to get not just people visiting your site, but also to obtain a significant viewership and subscribers. With the hopes of building a strong online presence, marketing efforts are directed into search engine optimizatio Read More
There are lots of ways to earn money online, I talked about them in yesterdays blog post . The two ways I recommended was Freelancing and Internet Marketing. For freelancing you don’t necessarily need any more tools than your computer, unless you do the more complicated tasks like designing or pro Read More
You need more money, your current job doesn’t pay you enough, but you don’t want to get a second one and even if you would want, it won’t be that easy to get. You want to get out of debt and finally make the ends meet. Change your lifestyle, go on a real vacation for a change and not just sit at ho Read More
Pinterest – the social media site of the year. It came out of nowhere and is now one of the top social media sites out there. Pinterest recently beat Twitter for referral traffic and Pinterest is nowhere near the top of its popularity. Non of my friends are yet using Pinterest. To be honest they do Read More
In the past, anyone who wanted to search for a local coffee shop propped open the yellow pages and scoured through extensive lists of cafes. With the advent of the Internet, paper directories have become a thing of the past. This old school technology has mostly become irrelevant in today’s world. Read More
I have heard different opinions about duplicate content. Some said that there is no such thing as duplicate content, the big news sites use the same news articles and Google doesn’t give a damn, but that actually works only for the news sites. Read More
YouTube has released some really cool new features lately that I wanted to talk a about. As usual Google likes to enable its new features for small amounts of users, like it did for GMail launching it through invites only and for tons of other stuff in Google search, for YouTube they are doing this Read More
In email marketing deliverability is everything, if all your messages end up in the spam folder you wont get any sales.
Autoresponders are the ones that are responsible for deliverability, if you want your emails to land in the inbox, the first step is to get a good autoresponder, but there isn’t Read More
In a previous post I have talked about Google’s Author Rank or Authorship. The main idea behind it is that Google is planning to launch a new ranking metric which will attribute authors for their content. There’s a lot of guesses out there how is the Author Rank going to be calculated and what impa Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!