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Leaving a position can be terrible for everyone involved if handled poorly. I had a great experience in 2004 when I left a yearly contract position to take a similar position elsewhere. Not only did my supervisor at the time write me a glowing recommendation, but he actually helped me find the new Read More
Making the big sale is often the dream of a small business owner. Without proper funding, though, the dream can become a nightmare. When striking a deal, be prepared to avoid potential money-related pitfalls.

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A few weeks ago, I stopped into a business in my hometown that had a large banner hanging out front, proclaiming the phrase “Happy Holidays!” I didn’t really pay much attention to the banner until I went inside, where I overheard the owner of the shop bemoaning the community’s response to the banne Read More
From an insurer’s standpoint, every business is unique in the risk that it poses. In order to properly rate a risk, the insurance company must take many things into consideration in an attempt to determine the likelihood of a claim and if there is a claim, the severity of it. Read More
Last year I received a lot of door-to-door visits and direct mail pieces from companies promoting replacement windows for my home. A credit on 2010 taxes was available to homeowners that would cover a percentage of the cost of an energy-savings upgrade. Read More
Business networking is key to gaining information, increasing your visibility in your field, and establishing personal connections that will help you move forward in your career. The rise of social media hasn’t changed the fact that successful human beings get even further ahead based on the strength of their networks. Read More
With an affiliate program, you pay someone a share of the sale when they sell your product. The internet has opened up opportunities for any small business to have a global workforce without the cost of hiring employees. There are people out there just waiting to sell your products for you. Read More
As we interact with entrepreneurs like you on a daily basis, we are often interested in hearing all your stories, be they (hopefully) success stories or tales of gloom and despondency! Our daily discussions have prompted us to gather together a list of twenty three tips from entrepreneurs. Read More
If you're using Twitter (Twitter) for business as a way to promote your brand, products or services, it's even more important that you write retweetable tweets. Here are five simple ways to make your 140-character pronouncements highly retweetable. Read More
It's an age-old question in the advertising world: how much of my hard-earned money should I put into marketing my business and building more sales? Ask any marketing expert and they'll tell you a different story. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!