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Text messaging is more than just a quick way to communicate with friends. It can be a very effective way for businesses to get messages out to their customers. And that’s the service that TextMagic provides. Read More
Attend offers an event management and engagement platform designed not only to help businesses plan events, but also to help them manage relationships with attendees both during and after. Read more about Attend and its offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. Read More
It’s important you use every outlet available when it comes to holiday marketing and advertising, but Facebook is arguably one of the most important. Social media in general is a great way to advertise no matter what time of the year, and Facebook in particular has made it easy for eCommerce compan Read More
If you’re a publisher, then you’re most likely aware that ad blockers are doing some damage to your income. In fact, according to PageFair and Adobe, ad blocking is estimated to cost publishers approximately $22 billion in 2015! Read More
Thinking of opening your first retail store? No matter what you intend to sell, you’ll need a lot of different supplies to make your store look professional and welcoming to your customers. Here is a checklist of items that can get you started on building a retail store that customers will love. Read More
Inventory is and has always been a tricky problem for small business owners. Having too much of an item in stock that doesn’t sell is a rookie mistake, as is running out of popular products. However, a new tool called Google Shopping Insights might be just what small business owners need. Read More
What so many companies forget is the importance of using product reviews in reverse. In other words, leaving product reviews as a brand or as an individual associated with a brand can be huge. It helps you show off what you know, make connections with like-minded companies, and earn that visibility Read More
Microsoft’s new Surface devices seem to be hitting it off with business customers. The company claims it has seen unprecedented interest with this generation than any before it, including many early adopters. So, to further this momentum, Microsoft is adding a new Surface warranty and trade-in prog Read More
Twitter has unveiled Twitter Polls, a new feature that allows for the collection of feedback in a more straightforward way than previously possible on the service. Here's some of the details. Read More
Online reviews have the potential to make or break your company’s reputation. But even companies with great products and services can see sales suffer due to just a few negative comments. That’s where Future Solutions Media comes in. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!