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You’re trying to get some work done in the office, but the person next to you keeps on getting up from his desk. Another team member is having a snack with an unusually noisy wrapper, and a few desks over, your colleague’s phone keeps on going off. Not to mention that impromptu meeting next to the Read More
Fostering an innovative, creative mindset in our businesses is a crucial component of success. Yet often, instead of venturing into the unfamiliar, we get caught up in routines, resist change and religiously stick to the established rules. When this happens, we slowly start to fall behind.

What Read More
Our brains are for having ideas, not holding them. If you’re focused on trying to remember what you have to do, instead of actually doing what you have to do, you spend a lot of energy on something that isn’t productive. Trying to remember so many things at once overtaxes the prefrontal cortex, wea Read More
If you’re still wondering whether you should transfer the tasks you’ve scribbled on your many post-it notes and newspaper edges to an online to do list, the answer is YES!

Pen on paper does have its advantages. For example, keeping a pen and paper journal can help you crystallize your ideas and Read More
Few people juggle as many responsibilities as startup CEOs. As the head of a small business, the startup CEO is not only a leader and an innovator, but also a marketer and a salesman, a web developer and a content writer, a business strategist and a tech support provider… and the list goes on.

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In the modern workplace, you don’t need to hold the title of project manager to be one. Whoever is leading a project, an initiative of any kind, is a project manager – whether they hold the title or not. If you are leading an initiative of any kind, you need to know what separates a good project ma Read More
The perfect, actionable to do list is necessary for productivity, yet so elusive for most of us. Even though we always start with our best intentions in mind, we often end up with more abandoned to do lists than we care to admit. Read More
ultimately, no matter how good your time management is, you still have a finite amount of time available to you. Those 24 hours you have each day, no matter how well you organize them, will not increase. But you can change the way you manage your energy levels. Read More
If you’re a business professional, an entrepreneur, a student, or have any occupation where you constantly have a lot of things on your plate, you probably think it’s important to be productive. You may have googled different productivity tips, or stumbled across articles that tell you about how to Read More
We all have different personalities, both at work and at home. Some of us are the life of the party. Some are the wise, Yoda-like reflective type. Some are dominant, competitive high-flyers. Still others are the lone wolves who prefer the quiet of solitary work.

No matter our personality, we all Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!