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Leadership can be a daunting task with a wandering mind. It can lead you to weird decisions, insensitive dealings, display of negative emotions, and of course low efficiency.To find a solution, we first look for a model that explains the working of the mind. Read More
“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” – Peter Drucker (1909-2005), American Management guru. We often face the challenge of dealing with difficult people. Every leader faces ‘trouble cases’; Read More
A leader who focuses only on the external growth remains internally miserable; that person can’t cope with failures nor can he or she accept success maturely. On the other hand a leader who works on internal development leaves a mark on the external world. Even if the world doesn’t recognize, that Read More
A true leader takes all harsh comments, open criticism and cynicism as the crushing of the puss by the expert surgeon, God, who through his representatives purifies us of our diseased false ego. Thus a strong leader doesn’t allow potentially distressful experiences and emotional setbacks to dissua Read More
Radhanath Swami often says “If a person has no cause to die for he has nothing worthy to live for”One of the numerous challenges that any leader has to inevitably confront is the willingness to let go something dear to his/her heart for a nobler and worthy cause. For every great deed, you have to p Read More
As a responsible leader, of a family, sports team or a corporate unit, you have to decide if you are willing to live by these principles or pay a dear price for breaking them. Living by principles help build strong relationships and relationships are the sacred glue that holds team members together. Read More
A considerate leader then becomes popular with his team members; for everyone in this world seeks to be understood and loved. Thus a leader grounded on ‘internal’ spiritual principles also achieves the external success and popularity. But the critical difference now is by focussing on the inner jou Read More
How can one become such a leader? A leader with strong foundational basis of being a ‘servant’ can exercise the greatest influence. ‘Servant’ is not a popular word in academic, management or corporate circles, but spiritual leadership holds the ‘servitude’ principle as the most sacred for any relat Read More

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One magic formula for effective leadership at home and work is ‘make others feel worthy’. The world recognizes exceptional talent and achievements; there are many awards and recognition in the media for them. However, although most people wish to be successful achievers, it’s certainly the apprecia Read More
Spiritual leadership is not expedient or opportunistic; it believes in leaving a legacy, and when team members are united with a common spiritual goal, it’s easier to develop care, clarity, commitment and cooperation for any cause. And as challenges would surely strike, the successive generations w Read More

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