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Social media had quite a year in 2011, here's a look at what happened on the MarketingM8 blog. Some of the years most exciting developments in social media, lots about StumbleUpon, Google+, Klout, Viewdle and social media satire! Happy Christmas everyone and wishing you a peaceful and prosperous 20 Read More
What's all this about social influence? Can it really be measured? It can? Will Kred take market share from PeerIndex and backlashed Klout or not? Read More
What do you think about social influence? Can you measure it? Maybe not? How about the new StumbleUpon and the new YouTube designs, do you like them? StumbleUpon still provides a ton of traffic! Have some pre-Christmas laughs with MarketingM8. Read More
Are you fed up with Klout and the way Klout's treated the social media community? Does PeerIndex seem OK but not quite exciting or current enough? Do you feel you need something as a guide to your social influence? Try Kred? Read More
It's a bloggers nightmare to wake up and find his blog GONE!! Oh NO!! What do you do? Panic?? Yes, of course, but then calm down and call your host. If you're lucky they'll be as helpful as Bluehost! Read More
OK, we've all seen Klout have a few issues lately, but yesterday's Klout score collapse may well be the final straw! I recently dropped from 72-74 to 56 and soon after went back up to 62 but today I collapsed back to 51! What's the story Joe? Don't you know Kred's hot on your heels? Read More
Sainsbury's grocery retailer in the UK is far ahead of its competitors in the world of social media. With a great presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube it proves that being an early adopter can really pay off! Read More
Who do you really dislike in the world of social media? What companies really get to you for one reason or another? You can vote for those you Do NOT like now! Yes, it's true, in MarketingM8's Social Media Satire Smashable Awards! Vote now!! (Or whenever) Read More
All businesses are either using or considering using social media to some degree, but this doesn't mean that they'll have to spend hours and hours surfing the internet looking to see where and how potential customers are using social media prior to engaging with them! CubeSocial makes that process Read More
Social media satire. The recent Klout fiasco stirred up a hornets nest of protest but isn't this just the infancy of social media anyway? I was emotional about Klout's behavior but I guess it shouldn't really be such a massive shock, things do change! At one time Seth's Squidoo seemed OK and accept Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!