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Organisations who successfully deliver projects to clients consistently, can sometimes still make changes to their project methods to try and gain extra margin. This should not be done at the expense of quality or the customer however. It should only be done when it makes sense to do it and the res Read More
Project managers can end up trying to manage every issue or problem that arises in a project. While it is important that a project manager understands the impact of the issues on the project, it is vital that the project manager seeks help if the end game is losing its focus. You can't catch two ra Read More
Change in business is inevitable. Business managers need to be aware of any change in their operating environment and to adapt accordingly. Some thoughts after an Autumn woodland walk. Read More
Part of effective project management is about delivering a solid profit margin to the business. Repeatable processes learned from previous project are a core aspect of delivering this margin enhancement. Do you learn from the past to enhance future profitability? Read More
When delivering services, it is important to focus on the positive contributions that are made to clients. Often too much time is spent on negatives that can create a poor impression with the client. Negatives need to be resolved, of course, but positive messages need to be part of the engagement. Read More
Project management is all about getting a project delivered. But a project manager needs to be more than just a manager. A project manager needs to be a leader. To allow the team to "get creative". To encourage participation. This will create the edge, flair and dynamic for a successful delivery. Read More
Projects are a little like a compost heap. Projects require management, the right components and control to product the end project result. A compost heap is just the same. You need to know what goes in and look after it well to get a useable result! Read More
Tracking, managing and understanding the costs associated with your project delivery is vital to ensuring profitability. Without understanding the costs, your business will never really come to grips with effectively managing projects to budget. A lesson from Jerry Maguire! Read More
Project work packages should be created before understanding who is available for the project team. Without understanding the project tasks, how is it possible to know who should be on the project team? Read More
Outsourcing is a way of allowing a business to develop by enabling it to focus on its core activities. But outsourcing should only be done if the function being outsourced is already working well and it's costs and quality can be measured. Without measurement and an understanding of the function sh Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!