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Business creation and personal savings; are they correlated? And when does a spike in saving show up in business founding statistics? How are small businesses going to grow in a turbulent lending market? Here are some stats on all of these timely issues. Read More
Fall is all but here, and that means that the flu season is right around the corner. Don't let yourself lose productivity by getting sick, instead protect yourself and your employees by taking these steps to keep yourself healthy. Read More

3 Tips for Managing Cash Flows Strategically

3 Tips for Managing Cash Flows Strategically  - http://horizonbusinessfunding.com Avatar Posted by 27will under Strategy
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Keeping your cash flows at where they should be hinges on strategy and knowing your environment. Here are three tips that can help business owners gain a stronger perspective on the state of their cash flows as well as how to manage them in a way that is conducive to the growth of their small busin Read More
Business owners rely on communications as the foundation of their team's productivity. Here are some ideas for how they can practice communications and strike a good balance between written and verbal ability. Read More
Alternative capital can be accessed quickly in order to finance any type of project, including an emergency creation of content that can boost engagement on poorly performing landing pages. Read More
The internet has been taken by storm by the news that many high profile female celebrities have had nude photos posted, stolen by what my be a far reaching hacking ring. There is a lot that small business owners should take away and apply to beefing up their own digital protections. Read More
Could a pet friendly working environment be a good thing for your small business? Here are some pros and some cons to consider before you make your decision. Read More
Google authorship has lost it's crowning value, that being the rich snippets that appear in SERPs containing author information and valuable links. Here is what business owners should know and what they can take away from the change. Read More
With Labor Day come and gone, business owners should start thinking about how they can make the Fall as manageable and profitable as possible. Read More
Is the customer always right? Not always, and when a relationship turns toxic, it can quickly create major issues for your small business. Here's how to handle customer relationships that are hurting your business's ability to create revenues and grow. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!