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If you think recruiting for Generation Y – Millennials – is a challenge, wait until Generation Z (born 1998 – ongoing) steps foot into the workplace. Many recruiters may think Generation Z’s work and communication preferences will be similar to that of Millennial’s or Generation X. However, industr Read More
The battle to win consumer spending in the grocery sector requires every tool in the arsenal to attract customers, improve service, and contain costs. This is especially true in today’s environment ­­as grocery stores must compete and stay ahead of major trends, such as health and wellness, sustain Read More
Posting poorly written job descriptions, scanning stacks of paper resumes, and conducting in-person and/or phone interviews is an extremely inefficient way of recruiting and hiring in today’s modern work environment. Today, more and more HR departments within enterprises use newer technologies, suc Read More
With the benefits of video conferencing in the enterprise being widely evangelized, the pressure is high to invest in (or at least evaluate) bringing visual collaboration into your business. But what your organization ought to do and what is feasible can be mutually exclusive.

Faster innovation, Read More
Whether it’s responding to help desk tickets or informing employees about critical updates, the way in which IT communicates internally within an enterprise is changing. No longer can IT expect employees to take time out of their busy day to try and absorb information that fails to capture their un Read More
The DNA of an enterprise lies within its culture – the values, attitudes and actions of the entire organization. When an enterprise culture is healthy not only are the employees the embodiment of the organizations DNA, but they also help drive greater business results with higher productivity and b Read More
There is growing awareness and consensus that objects embedded with software, sensors, and network connectivity will proliferate our lives and workplaces. However, this Internet of Things, or IoT, only enables the exchange of data. For IT leaders and their teams, this means that the most relevant i Read More
If you turn on the news at any point today, you’ll probably see scenes of Black Friday madness at retail stores. This all seems so yesterday, yet it continues to happen. Retailers offer discounts to spur sales, but end up with stampedes that overwhelm staff and – often – create scenes that damage t Read More
With 79% of employees saying they always or frequently work in dispersed teams (source: HBR), facility managers can no longer meet the communication needs of their workforce with tables, chairs, and couches. Implementing reliable and intuitive collaboration solutions that can enable in-office emplo Read More
The benefits of hiring and managing remote working employees, such as cost savings, and greater morale and productivity, have been well-documented. But there are challenges – understanding the personality traits that make an effective remote worker, creating the technology plan for home offices, he Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!