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Tumblr is probably one of the most popular forum style websites ever to be created. Since its launch back in 2007 it has grown significantly, with over 291.8 million blogs to explore, as well as over 133 billion posts, it’s easy to see why this website is so popular with people today. However, desp Read More
Everybody loves Facebook. Everybody is on Facebook – and by everybody we are talking about 1.59 billion users worldwide. So Facebook is the right place to promote your brand, right? Well, maybe not.

Despite the fact that the costs of promoting your business on Facebook are relatively low compare Read More
If you’ve decided that the idea of starting your own business is more attractive than working for somebody else, welcome aboard.

You are one of a group of many, where few will actually succeed. Don’t think of that as a discouraging sentiment.

Instead, think of it as reality check so that you Read More
Today, more and more young women are confidently eschewing traditional career paths in order to forge their own careers as entrepreneurs. Millennial women are starting their own businesses and truly making a mark on the world. A few women, in particular, have managed to take their businesses to tru Read More
When online shopping offers choice, competitive prices and constant availability, why should you care to search for an actual store? What happens for clothes, furniture and design, is even more true for music, movies and books. Their only chance to survive could be the digital customer experience. Read More
You want your website to generate more leads, right? Websites that are lead gen machines for their owners don’t happen by accident. You don’t just wake up one day, open your email to find a hundred new leads in your inbox. So, what does it take... Read More
If you are entering the world of eLearning as an instructor, you have probably read a lot about it, including a number of articles and posts that provide tips for creating, delivering, and evaluating your course. Still, you are nervous – it’s the first time for you, and you want to get it right. Read More
To help overcome the hurdle, here are seven handy tools that make curation just a little bit easier. Read More
If you think that you can market your product or service to a Millennial the same way that you have marketed it in the past, you are mistaken. Millennials have a very different set of requirements for evaluating potential purchases than their parents and grandparents. Read More
College has been full of new experiences, and you did just fine. Look upon this whole process as an exciting adventure that you will prepare well for. And that’s the key – getting prepared. To do that, you might want to consider what actual hiring managers say you need to do to obtain interviews an Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!