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The state of Florida is offering "economic gardening" to help small business in the economic downturn, the Miami Herald reports. Two institutions are beginning to collect applications from companies for loans of between $50,000 and $250,000 for working capital, employee training and salaries for newly created jobs. For more information, see www. Read More
Their Virtual Office Social Community is dedicated to helping others Advertise and Market their business via Internet Radio, Internet TV and Print. Read More
When is a white paper, not a white paper. That is the question! This "white paper" has been making the rounds across Social Media with great fanfare, but unfortunately it's not one. Shame on companies that exploit the term "white paper" to pump up their brochures for a short-term gain in the public relations department. This blog post w Read More
Off shoring may not always be the answer whether you run a small or medium sized business says Paul Spiegelman, a business owner who says cutting employees goes against his company's culture and that outsourcing necessarily helped his competitors much. Read the rest of Spiegelman's evaluation of the outsourcing trend in this article from Entrepr Read More
All signs point to an increase of small business Facebook marketing. The facts do not lie: there are now over 300 million active users on Facebook, and Facebook is providing a cost effective marketing medium to reach those users during this recession. Not long ago, Facebook made public their intent to make the website even easier for businesses Read More
With lives as busy as they are and the current uncertainty placing a lot more pressure on our working time it would be great to gain some extra time in the day. You may think this is overly ambitious but with a few simple changes to your day you can gain a few minutes here and there. Once you start to look at small things you do you will start Read More
Each country will have a set of unique factors There is no tried and tested formula to successfully entering new markets and building an international footprint. Read More
A partnering strategy can work side-by-side with your direct strategy. You can define how partnerships can work to feed your direct sales team, partners who will take full business responsibility in their market to sell and implement your product or partners who will OEM or licence your product or technology to improve their product set. Read More
A brief discussion on the recent updates to the revenue recognition rules Read More
White-glove Blogging is providing the most valuable and superb content free to your niche audience. I'm not talking about an online journal of your daily thoughts or opinions. I'm speaking of actual steps, facts or lessons others can apply immediately after reading. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!