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Here are 7 more commonly made blog conversion mistakes. I've listed the 7 here for a quick summary but the podcast goes through each one in detail:

1. Poor design – low quality supporting images.
2. Not optimising your highly converting pages (about, top menu pages).
3. Not deliberately sen Read More
Last month I published the post How I hack excellence with 1 simple trick which was surprisingly popular. It talked about how I get my best ideas from other people and to continue on that path in this post I present 6 hacks I have used to boost the conversions of my content. Most of these represent Read More
In episode 37 of Web Domination, I chat with Matt Stillman (@Voozahq) the CEO of Vooza. Matthew sees his role as standing at the intersection of technology and the humanities. “People wonder how I’m so productive. And the key is: I spend 12 hours a day reading articles about productivity.” Read More
Here is my income / stats report for April 2013, it’s been one hell of a month, still pretty low stats but everything is heading in the right direction. Highlights:
Website traffic up 36% to 14,598 visits
Conversions up 126% to 799 for the month (see below for a few caveats)
Recurring monthly re Read More
In episode 36 of Web Domination, I chat with Trent Dyrsmid the founder of BrightIdeas.co. He is also a 14 year veteran entrepreneur, online marketing expert, author, speaker. Read More
Recently I started posting my content to groups on Linked In. Actually I don’t do it, my virtual assistant does. The result in just 2 months has been a 500% increase in my Linked In traffic and an 866% increase in conversions with LinkedIn overtaking Facebook and Twitter to become my biggest social Read More
In episode 35 of Web Domination, I discuss 5 ways to make your content actionable. Web Domination will now be published every Tuesday. Read More
This is just a quick post to show you one small way you can boost your blog conversions. I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have a ‘recent posts’ plugin in their sidebar. Others have worked out that it’s the top posts that are more likely to engage people and they know that people realise that the blog ho Read More
I have posted in the past about how to use Google Analytics to track your content marketing efforts. However as a content marketer Google Analytics can’t give you all the information you need – in fact a lot of the most important data for you to track is nowhere to be seen. Read More
Learn from world experts like David Meerman Scott, Chris Ducker, Joe Pulizzi, Neil Patel and more on how to drive traffic to your content. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!