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According to Kantar Worldpanel, over half of the UK population now have a smartphone. But will people ever use it as a market place that could challenge the traditional retail environment?

Internet and application access on mobiles has empowered customers to make purchases in almost any place a Read More
Rising prices and a move to cheaper brands are a hallmark feature of the economy over the last 5 years. However, with the UK recently reaching the lowest inflation level for 2 years, could this be the start of the premium brand revival?
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TEDx posted this entertaining and interesting talk from Rory Sutherland explaining why perspective is so important and how reframing is key to happiness.

Rory gives some great insight into how brands and marketers can refine their message for consumer satisfaction.
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Despite slipping back into recession, sooner or later the UK economy will start to grow again. Recently I read a great article ‘Understanding the Post-Recession Consumer’ from Paul Flatters and Michael Willmott, about future trends in consumption for the near post-recession and longer term trends. Read More
Summer 2012 will bring the Olympics to the UK, with several million spectators following closely behind.

“The Olympic Games give the host country exposure on the front page, in the middle pages and on the back pages of every newspaper in every country on Earth over a six-week period.”
Michael Read More
Parents are, and always have been, a key consumer demographic. Becoming a parent changes everything, from lifestyle to new worries, to saving, to spending. Yet over recent years parenthood has experienced change, impacting how and why it is important to market to them. Read More
Since the unveiling of Zeebox in August 2011, it was been championed as the “future of TV”. But, is Zeebox really that great? Does it have many commercial opportunities and does it impact TV habits? Read More
Abstract: Today’s choice of products has never been so great. Tesco stocks 91 different shampoos, 93 varieties of tooth paste and 115 types of household cleaner according to The Economist. This should be great - conventional economic theory points to competition and choice as two important drivers Read More
How people interact and engage on social media and how important brands are to the experience.

Interaction for users is people focused but the experience is brand influenced. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!