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Should you fire a fresh hire if a BETTER applicant suddenly comes along? What would you do?

Read to learn insights from a Small Business perspective. Read More
Why it's important to include basic old-school marketing techniques in your social media strategy instead of forgetting about it altogether. Read More
Real estate marketing is important to generate leads and market yourself and your real estate business to potential clients. Today, we are looking at marketing your real estate business and properties with brochures and QR Codes. Read More
This picture of the Justice League is here to illustrate what a Super Team is. Each member fills a particular role and there are few, if any, voids and that’s why they are a Super Team. Batman is the brains, Superman is the brawn, Flash is the speed, Aquaman is the guy who talks to fish. . . A supe Read More
Todd Carlisle, Google’s staffing manager who deals with thousands of resumes daily, hires people. What was his hiring tip? Ask the right questions. Carlisle asks questions designed to determine which candidates have the specific traits that fit what Google is looking for–raw intellect, learning agi Read More
Getting your pricing right is key to maximizing sales and profits. In the examples above, market factors helped set the prices for those items. For instance, Sony priced the PSVita at $29 because Nintendo is currently selling its Nintendo 3DS handheld system for $249. This was done to be competitiv Read More
Thinking about running a direct mail marketing campaign? Your timing could not be better. From July 1 through August 31, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is offering a 3% discount on the postage discount for direct mail that incorporates QR (quick response) codes in or on the mailer. Read More
We don’t plan to get sick, just like we don’t plan to have car problems. However, just like we go for check-ups to make sure there is nothing wrong with our health, car owners must properly maintain their vehicles to ensure they’re running safely and efficiently. Read More
From antique restoration to photo restoration to document restoration to home restoration, there are people who need these services. In addition to reaching new customers, the problem for businesses that offer restoration services is generating awareness. Read More

How To Market The End Of The World

How To Market The End Of The World - Avatar Posted by Entrepreneurosaurus under Marketing
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Made Hot by: Cathode Ray Dude on May 25, 2011 4:37 pm
Seth Godin is NOT advocating you marketing something as unproductive and scary as the end of the world. But there is something to be learned, he says, from the simple method used to convince a small, dedicated tribe that Judgment Day is coming. What do the iPad and the end of the world prediction h Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!